Empowering the Lives of Disabled People

Disability home care support services are the mainstay for empowering the lives of individuals with different needs. Whether it’s assistance with social gatherings, daily activities, travel, or developing skills, we offer customised home care services to help disabled individuals live life to the fullest. We believe in the capabilities of every individual, aside from their […]

A Guide to Embracing Life with a Disability

Living life with a disability is not easy at all. There are millions of disabled people in Australia. These people face a lot of challenges in their day-to-day lives. However, an individual with physical limitations can live a quality life with the right support and guidance. Indeed, there are many ways you can lead a […]

Weight Loss Exercises for Disabled People

Losing weight with a disability is difficult but possible. As NDIS Registered Service Providers in Sydney, we at ‘Care 2 You Healthcare’ have closely worked with several NDIS participants and have witnessed the weight loss journey of many individuals struggling with obesity. Since moving is more challenging for them, weight loss takes a great deal […]

Five Must-Have Home Modifications For The Disabled

What Is Home Modification? Home modification for the disabled refers to additions or alterations made in the house to primarily support people with disabilities so they can move around easily and safely. It aims to allow the disabled to claim minimal assistance from others, enabling them to live their life as independently as possible. As […]

Ways to Cope With a Disability

Adapting to life with a disability of any kind can be hard. While you cannot change your physical condition, what you can do is change the way you see yourself. As one of the most trusted Healthcare Providers in Sydney dedicated to offering a wide spectrum of NDIS-approved services, we have helped several disabled individuals […]

Transition into Independent Living with a Disability

Moving out of the family home to lead an independent life can be especially challenging for someone with a disability. Learning to prepare your meals, travel safely to the doctor’s office, managing household tasks, and managing finances are some of the tasks that are essential for fostering self-sufficiency. With proper guidance, individuals with complex care […]

Travel Tips for People with Disabilities

Traveling can be a transformative experience and must be equally accessible for everyone. However, it may come with certain challenges for people with disabilities. As a dedicated NDIS disability care company offering Disability Support Services in Ingleburn, we believe that you shouldn’t have to stay at home because of a temporary or permanent disability. Although […]

Benefits of NDIS for People with Disabilities

Research shows that lack of adequate support is a common problem encountered by disabled people in Australia. Most families have all the members working nowadays. The working pattern may vary; one might have an hourly or contract based job while the other one might have a 9-5 job. Hence, taking out time just to care […]

How to Pick the Right NDIS Disability Care Company for Your Needs

If you need disability care and are approved for NDIS funding, your next big decision will most likely revolve around choosing the right care provider. However, with so many NDIS service providers ranging from University qualified health professionals, sole-traders, to not-for-profit and for-profit organisations, choosing the right one can get a little tricky.  In this […]

Maintaining an Active Social Life While Living With a Disability

Nothing is more distressing than being restricted to a wheelchair whilst you are doing your utmost to accomplish your everyday tasks. And sometimes, the biggest challenge isn’t physical but mental. People with a disability are on a rollercoaster of psychological and emotional issues, with ‘social isolation’ being one of the major problems they experience. As […]